Ultimate OTS/TFOT Guide (Part 2)

Welcome back BogiDope readers! This is Part 2 of our in-depth report on what OTS is like right now. We covered sections 1-3 last week, and will finish with sections 4-6 today. Enjoy! Table of Contents What is OTS/TFOT? Preparing for OTS Pre-course Material PT Test Dorm Manual What to bring to OTS Packing List […]

Coronavirus – How Pilots Can Make the Most of a Bad Situation

I’m not the sort of person to panic about the sky falling, but I will admit that I’m not sure what to make of the Coronavirus situation we’re all dealing with right now. Markets are down, airlines that reported the highest profits in history at the start of the year are now worried about furloughs […]

Ultimate OTS/TFOT Guide (Part 1)

Dear BogiDope Readers, We have a treat for you today! A recently-commissioned Second Lieutenant wrote a fantastic report about what to expect at Total Force Officer Training (TFOT, formerly known as OTS). Many of our customers find their Guard or Reserve units, or find their way to Active Duty, as new-hired directly “off the street” […]

Air Reserve Technician (ART) Explained

The Guard and Reserve offer a myriad of job choices for the military aviator.  Of the full-time positions available, one of the options is the Air Reserve Technician, or ART.  The ARC (Air Reserve Component–an easy abbreviation for Guard/Reserve) created ART positions to capture technical expertise and operational experience within ARC units to ensure combat […]

Snacko: The Best Worst Job in the Air Force

In our recent discussions about Air Force squadron organization and your career progression both as an officer and as a pilot, I’ve intentionally withheld details on what may be the most important non-flying pilot job of them all: that of Snack Officer or Snacko. We’re going to do justice to this critical position today. Flying […]

AF Squadron Organization – And Why You Care

Now that we’ve covered your career progression, both as an officer and as a pilot, we have some context for looking at how an Air Force flying squadron is organized. Although it’d be nice to just show up to work every day and have a jet ready for you to fly, there’s a lot of […]

Air Force Career Progression – Pilot

Welcome back to Part 2 of our series about career progression for Air Force pilots, from the pilot perspective. If you haven’t already read Part 1 about career progression as an officer, I recommend you click here and read it first. For better or for worse, it’s necessary to look at your Air Force career […]

Air Force Career Progression – Officer

We’re going to discuss career progression today. As a former Active Duty pilot, I’ll admit I don’t love this topic. You have to understand: I’m a pilot. I didn’t join the Air Force to sit at a desk pushing paper or sending emails. When I graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2004 and got […]

Confessions of a Reserve T-38C IP

I have a treat for you today! I just interviewed a reserve T-38C UPT IP, whom we’ll call Star-Lord for the sake of anonymity. The results of our conversation will explain how to get that job as a reservist along with the good and bad of that path. If you’re looking to leave Active Duty […]

MASS – The UPT Scoring System Explained

We almost don’t go a day without a future UPT student asking us how to get the assignment he or she wants. BogiDope exists to help you make that happen! The easiest way to do this is to sign up with a Guard or Reserve unit in the first place. However, for those of you […]