The Ultimate Military Pilot Career Path (Part 2)

Welcome back, future aviators! In Part 1 of this series we saw how getting hired by a Guard or Reserve unit right out of college is the Ultimate Military Pilot Career Path. The military pays for your flight training, you get to enjoy operating amazing military aircraft, and you can start your parallel career as […]

The Ultimate Military Pilot Career Path (Part 1)

I’ve written extensively on The Pilot Network about what I consider to be the Ideal Career Path for a Military Pilot. I envisioned that path specifically for a pilot on Active Duty in the military; however, that doesn’t have to be the case. It turns out there’s an even better option, the Ultimate Military Pilot […]

SERE School and Water Survival Explained

To be successful as a pilot, you need to be confident. I’m not talking about the false confidence we see in the bluster of gangstas or hipsters or Twitter trolls who have little or no actual substance to justify their bravado. I’m talking about the quiet surety that comes from knowing no matter what happens, […]

Military Pilot Pay and Benefits

The military offers some fantastic career opportunities for pilots. It can also set you up for an enjoyable and lucrative civilian flying career later in life. One of the important parts of deciding whether to join the military or not is to understand the pay and benefits it offers. We’ll cover that here today. Before […]

Flying Opportunities in the Air Force Reserve

Whether you are currently active duty in the Air Force, a sister service, or you have never flown a plane before, there are flying opportunities for you in the Air Force Reserve (AFR). The Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) Undergraduate Flying Training (UFT) Guidebook contains a wealth of information about flying the AFR as well […]

BogiDope, KC-10 refueling a F-18.

How to Get an OTS Rated Slot – Part 3

Part-3 is the final part of this series entitled "How to Get an OTS Rated Slot."  We hope this article series has helped you understand another path to achieving your aviation career goals.  Remember there is no right way or easy solution to finding your path to the cockpit.  If that is your dream, make […]

BogiDope, C-17s lined up on a taxiway.

How to Get an OTS Rated Slot – Part 2

Welcome back for the second installment of How to get a Rated OTS Slot.  Part 2 is designed to give you a detailed explanation of the required documents you will need to navigate this process.  Dont let a small paperwork error ruin your chances at getting a rated OTS slot! Application Requirements For most applicants, […]