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Your Application Needs to Kick Ass!

Thank you for choosing BogiDope to help you create your perfect aviation application! We’ve reviewed countless good (and bad) examples, and we’re looking forward to helping you craft a detailed and targeted application to help land that dream job.

You need to interview to get the job offer, but you need a great application to get the interview. Each application will consist of several different items, such as test scores, military records, letters of recommendation, etc., but the heart of your application will be your cover letter and resume. This is where we will focus the majority of our time. It is the squadron’s first impression of you, your qualifications, and your attention to detail. It needs to not only highlight your strengths but also clearly articulate how those strengths will help that particular squadron in the future.

Guard and Reserve pilot slots were once considered the “best-kept secret” in military aviation. However, in the last few years, most squadrons have seen a spike in the number of applications, so it’s becoming less and less of a secret. Despite the increased number of applicants, the number of available slots has remained the same, meaning the competition for each available slot has increased substantially. So, if you’re applying to a squadron that has over 200 applicants but will only invite 10 to interview, how do you stand out from the crowd?

We’ve designed this course to maximize your competitiveness by presenting your qualifications and value in the most polished and relevant format. By understanding what a hiring board cares about and where you stand out from your competition, you’ll know exactly what to write about and how to articulate your unique strengths.

Course Overview

This course is divided into four main sections:

  1. Applying to a Guard/Reserve Squadron – Develop a strategy for where to apply, how to stand out, and how to “rush” a squadron, and how to handle a medical or age waiver
  2. Resume Creation – Step by step details of how to organize, format, and optimize a one-page resume for both UPT and Rated applicants
  3. Cover Letter Creation – Detailed description of what to write about in each paragraph and how to highlight your ability to help them
  4. Other Parts of the Application – Overview of how to optimize your competitiveness in the other areas of an application that may be required by some squadrons (e.g., letters of recommendation, application video, headshots, etc.)

How to Get the Most Out of This Course

For the best results, use the concepts and templates in this course to create your initial application draft(s). Then schedule your 1-on-1 Application Review session(s) with a BogiDope Coach of your choice to help you refine and optimize what you created to maximize your competitiveness. The 1-on-1 sessions should be scheduled far enough in advance to allow for adequate time to make changes to your application prior to any upcoming application deadlines.

Enough small talk, let’s get started!