Combat Systems Officer eCourse

I get it. You grew up watching Top Gun and you want to be MAVERICK, out there dog-fighting bad guys and saving the day by getting too close for missiles and switching to guns. But even MAVERICK, with all of his swagger and bravado, would be unable to take to the skies and accomplish his mission without GOOSE in the backseat. In the USAF, Combat Systems Officers take on the role of supporting the pilot and running systems, operations, radios and equipment related to accomplishing the aircraft’s mission. Air Battle Managers train in air-combat coordination aboard highly-specialized aircraft. These roles, those of the Rated Officer and aviator, present an excellent opportunity for plenty of aspiring aviators. 

Perhaps the pilot side of the house just was never all that appealing, but you still crave being in the air and on the leading edge of operations. Perhaps you like the technical challenge of operating specialized equipment. Maybe that 10-year commitment is just a bit too much for you. Or maybe that highly-coveted pilot slot just didn’t quite pan out for you for any number of reasons. Whatever the case, this course will guide you through the various paths to a fulfilling career as a flying, Rated Officer. The course will start with a look into what these positions are, and what they do, to give you an idea of what is out there. We’ll look into the various paths towards becoming a military aviator, including commissioning into Active Duty, Air National Guard and the USAF Reserves. We’ll then take a sneak peek into the training process, from the undergraduate level all the way through your operational aircraft. To give you an idea of what the life and career is like in each role, we’ll take a deeper dive into a few airframes. Finally, the course will give you a look into what kind of long-range career you can expect, including within the military, back out in the “civilian world” and even how you can transition to becoming a pilot.  

Packed with carefully curated and engaging multimedia, this course is like no other. It will take you through a whole career as a rated officer, help set you up for success at every phase and give you an insider’s look into the exciting world of an operational military aviator.

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