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What is MilRecruiter?

MilRecruiter is BogiDope’s sister company. It was created to allow for a centralized digital application portal for all pilot opportunities in the Guard/Reserve.

Key benefits for Applicants:

  • Squadron Map – Search squadrons based on aircraft type, location, and squadrons currently accepting applications
  • Squadron Page – Click on any squadron to learn about upcoming job opportunities, hiring Points of Contact, and FAQs.
  • Digital Application – Maximize your opportunities by applying to any squadron that interests you with a click of the mouse. For example, if you want to be a fighter pilot, you can apply to all fighter squadrons at the same time.

Key benefits for Squadrons:

  • Post and edit job announcements
  • Collect, sort, and filter applications with the criteria you care about the most
  • Collaborate with other squadron members to leave notes and rank candidates to find the best fit