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Welcome to the BogiDope Community!​

We’re happy to have you! And we’re serious when we say our mission is to get you into the cockpit of your dreams. That’s what we’ve been doing for aspiring pilots for years now, and we’re only getting better.

We’ll start sending you more information via email, but there’s no need to wait if you’re ready to dive in. Here are just a few ways to get started depending on where you are in the process…

“I’m Interested But I Need to Learn More.”

We’ve compiled a library of articles written by current and former pilots. Discover what Initial Flight Training is like, the basic requirements of Undergraduate Pilot Training, and much more. It’s all 100% free.

“I’m Ready to Start Applying. I Just Need to Know Where…”

You can use the BogiDope Job Board to see which squadrons are hiring, where they’re located, and when the application is due. You can even filter by aircraft type.

“I’m Sure I Want to Be a Pilot, But I Need Application & Interview Prep.”

Discover how to craft an application that gets you on the shortlist. Know what to expect in the interview and how to answer effectively. Our dedicated eCourses turn you into a can’t-miss UPT candidate.

“I Need Help or Guidance With a Specific Part of the Process.”

That’s what our team of coaches is here for. Gain direct access to your pilot of choice through a one-on-one coaching session. Ask your own questions and get 100% personalized guidance.

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