Want a career flying the most advanced aircraft in the world—on your terms?

Take Control of Your Aviation Career

Do you want to be a military pilot? Do you want control over what you fly, where you live and how often you work – before you ever even swear in? Seems too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not…if you can earn a flight slot in the National Guard or Reserve. And we should know – we did it ourselves!

At BogiDope, we’re passionate about guiding current and prospective military aviators through the ultra-competitive Guard/Reserve application process.  We want to understand your personal goals so that we can better prepare you to seize a career opportunity that will forever change your life. We offer a variety of tools and content that allow you to stay informed and ready for your next big move.

Who we help

UPT Applicants

Do you want to become an officer and aviator in the most advanced military aircraft in the world, even with little-to-no aviation experience?

military aviators

Are you reaching the end of your Active Duty obligation and feeling ready for a change? To Guard/Reserve? Airlines? DoD Contractor?

Military & Civilian employers

Are you searching for someone with a military background, flight experience and/or a security clearance?


The Content to Help you discover new opportunities

Job Board

View the most current, consolidated and complete list of Guard/Reserve squadron hiring-deadlines, requirements and Points of Contact.


Talk with people who have "been there, done that," or who are currently slugging through the same processes as you - no matter what career-phase you're in.


Read dozens of industry articles designed to help you earn your pilot slot and alleviate concerns about transitioning out of active duty and/or into the airlines.

Squadron Map

View the locations and contact information of over 175 different flying squadrons within the Guard/Reserve, plus the locations of every major airline hub.

The Tools to Help You Succeed

Pilot slots are extremely competitive. Your application directly affects your chances to get an interview, and your interview directly affects your chances of getting the job offer.

We’ll guide you through the entire process – from the first draft of your resume to a mock interview at your dream squadron. We’ve already helped hundreds of other applicants achieve their dreams.  What are you waiting for?


The Services that Help You achieve your goals


  • UPT/Rated App Prep
  • UPT/Rated Interview Prep
  • Mil2Airlines Transition
  • USAFA Admissions
  • MQ-9 Opportunities
  • Combat Systems Operators

BogiDope Bootcamp

Enrollment Now Open!
  • 90-day Bootcamp for Aspiring Military Pilots
  • 20+ Lectures & Guest Speakers
  • Access to UPT App & Interview eCourses Included ($338 value!)
  • App & Interview Prep Coaching
  • Access to Private Bootcamp Community

1-on-1 Coaching

  • General Strategy Session
  • UPT/Rated App Review
  • UPT/Rated Interview Prep
  • Air Force & FAA Medical Consults
  • Bundle and Save!


About BogiDope

  • Founded in 2017
  • Owned and Operated by Military Pilots
  • Over 200 yrs of Combined Military Experience
  • Coaches From Fighters, Tankers, Cargo, RPAs, Spec Ops, and Helicopters
  • 1,500+ 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions Completed
  • 500+ Guard/Reserve Pilot Jobs Advertised on Job Board
  • 1.3M Job Board Pageviews Annually
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