104th Fighter Squadron

Air National Guard
104th Fighter Squadron
175th Wing
Baltimore, MD
Job Type:
Application Deadline:
October 12, 2018
Job Description:

Thank you for your interest in joining the Maryland Air National Guard (MDANG) and flying the A-10C with the 104thFighter Squadron (FS).  The intent of this announcement is to arm you with our plan for rated fighter pilot hiring in 2018-19.

The Fightin’ O’s will be holding a hiring board 12-14 Oct 18 during drill weekend.  Expectation is an informal discussion in the 104 FS bar Friday afternoon followed by the rated hiring board interview on Saturday.  The results should be released within 7-14 calendar days of the interview.  A more detailed sequence of events will be sent to interested pilots.  The ideal candidate is a current/qualified A-10C pilot. However, candidates that are current, or were previously qualified, in a different fighter/attack aircraft should still contact me to be included in the hiring process.

Candidates selected for an interview should be prepared to provide a cover letter, resume, career brief (i.e. SURF), flying hours summary, flight evaluation summary, letter of qualifications, five most recent performance reports, current PT test results, and letters of recommendation (three maximum).

A subsequent hiring board will occur 31 May-2 Jun 19 during the Jun drill weekend.  Expect a similar sequence of events.  For long range planning, we tentatively expect to hold an additional hiring board in either Oct or Nov of 2019.

Fighter pilots interested in joining the MDANG should feel free to visit anytime.  This is certainly not required but a visit is highly desired as it will give each prospective pilot the opportunity to meet current 104thAttack Pilots as well as become familiar with the local area. Drill weekends present the best occasion to meet current Attack Pilots.  The upcoming 2018 drill schedule is: 8-9 Sep, 13-14 Oct, 3-4 Nov, and 1-2 Dec. The 2019 drill schedule is: 12-13 Jan, 9-10 Feb, 2-3 Mar, 6-7 Apr, 4-5 May, 1-2 Jun, 3-4 Aug, 7-8 Sep, 5-6 Oct, 2-3 Nov, and 7-8 Dec.  Be advised the 104 FS will be mobilized Jan-Apr 19 so anticipate minimal 104 FS pilot attendance during that timeframe.


How to Apply:

Interested candidates should contact Maj Chris “SLUG” Palmer at Christopher.a.palmer3.mil@mail.mil or 410-918-6278/6375 as soon as possible.