121st Fighter Squadron

Air National Guard
121st Fighter Squadron
113th Wing
Joint Base Andrews, MD
Job Type:
Application Deadline:
October 31, 2021
Job Description:

Official job announcement on Facebook: HERE

There is no official application deadline.  Applications are being accepted until the position is filled.

Full-time and Part-time available! Airline hiring is in full swing – it’s great news in the flying world and has opened opportunities for immediate placement in the DC ANG.
Here’s what we can offer: Come interview and if selected we can offer you an intent to hire up to 18 months prior to your ADSC. Moreover, we’ll help you with the Palace Chase paperwork. What better way to finish your REGAF career than with a guaranteed job flying F-16s in DC?
It’s never too early to reach out – 24 months prior to your ADSC is about perfect. Use the message button to talk to a pilot running recruiting (via 121FS Facebook Page).
Why DC: First off the 121st is doing great things: We received our full complement of AESA radars and we’ve stood up a backyard FAC(A) program. We’ve received our first of several on-site simulators and our Mx support is expanding.
Make it your last move – come to DC. Live in an awesome town with nightlife, great food, excellent schools, and civilian career opportunities. Have the family stability you want and fly the most capable F-16s in the CAF.
How to Apply:
Requirements for immediate placement: Current/Qualified F-16 pilot. IP and FAC(A) desired.
Other Fighter Pilots, USMC and USN. We’ve hired some great pilots from other airframes and for the time being, we’re only looking for F-16 pilots. We will consider F-35 pilots (especially those with F-16 background).