187th Airlift Squadron

Air National Guard
187th Airlift Squadron
153rd Airlift Wing
Cheyenne, WY
Job Type:
Application Deadline:
February 11, 2022
Job Description:

The 187th Airlift Squadron will be hosting a UPT Board in March of 2022. Tentative interview dates are March 2nd through the 5th.

This is for a traditional guardsman spot.

Successful applicants will attend Officer Training School, Undergraduate Pilot Training, C-130H Initial Qualification and SERE before returning to Cheyenne. After completing the pipeline you would have between 3 to 9 months of full-time seasoning orders.

Applicants must submit a complete packet to 187pilothiring@gmail.com by February 11th 2022. The submission should be a SINGLE pdf titled LASTNAME_187UPTBOARD2022.



What makes a competitive applicant?

There is no one thing. Personally we don’t worry too much about AFOQT and TBAS scores. We look at the entire applicant and the experience they would bring. to the squadron. Ultimately it comes down to whether would be able to trust this individual with the lives of friends in their hands when they eventually become and aircraft commander.

Can I visit?

Yes! We encourage “rushing” the unit. Please reach out via 187pilothiring@gmail.com to set up a good time to visit.

How many people are you hiring?

Probably just 1 UPT and 1 Prior Rated for 2022.

Can you help me schedule the AFOQT or TBAS?

No, at this point in the game you need to have both those tests completed.


How to Apply:
Submit your packet via email to 187pilothiring@gmail.com. Below are the required documents.  We recommend you have 3 letters for recommendation and that your write a specific cover letter for why you want to be part of the Wyoming Air National Guard. Please also include the last page of your pilot logbook. Put this together in 1 single pdf LASTNAME_187UPTBOARD2022. When you email your packet in you will get an automatic reply asking you to fill out
  • Cover Letter (requesting consideration and identifying the position you are applying for)
  • Resume (including military and civilian experience)
  • Current Records Review RIP (available on vMPF via AF Portal) (if prior service)
  • Current report of Individual Fitness (available on AFFMS II via AF Portal) (if prior service)
  • AFOQT Scores (must meet minimum requirement scores, Verb: 15, Quant: 10)
  • PCSM Score
  • Copy of Official Transcripts
  • Any other documents you may wish to provide
Hiring POC:

Captain Mitchell Hoke

Hiring POC Email: