191st Air Refueling Squadron

Air National Guard
191st Air Refueling Squadron
151st Air Refueling Wing
Salt Lake City, UT
Job Type:
Application Deadline:
March 9, 2022
Job Description:

We screen applications and invite the most qualified to come to Salt Lake City to
meet a pilot selection board in person. Our interview process involves spending a
drill weekend with us so that there is maximum opportunity for our pilots and boom
operators to meet and interact with you. The formal interview will take place on the
Monday following drill weekend. If you are offered an interview please account for
the weekend prior to the interview in your travel plans. Interviews are scheduled
approximately a month in advance when possible. All travel costs are the
responsibility of the candidate.

After the interview, we will select the most qualified candidates and offer them a
position with the Utah ANG. The number we select will depend on our current
hiring requirements, and on how many UPT slots we expect to have available.

Processing for acceptance into the Air National Guard, Undergraduate Pilot Training,
and Officer Appointment will begin immediately. It will include many forms and
documents, and will require completion of an Air Force Class I flying physical,
completion of a security clearance investigation for a Top Secret Clearance, and
other items. This process can take several months.

Once you have a date for UPT, all other training and events will pivot from that date.
The following schools will be completed:

  • Officer Training School (OTS) for officer ascension – about 8 weeks
  • Enhanced Flight Medical Screening (EFMS) – 3 days
  • Initial Flight Screening (IFS) – 4 weeks (unless you possess a PPL or greater
    then N/A)
  • Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) – 12 months.
  • KC-135R Pilot Initial Qualification Training – about 5 ½ months
  • Combat Survival School – about three weeks
  • Water Survival School – about 1 week
  • Local mission qualification training – about 45 days back in SLC

Service commitment to the Air Force and Air National Guard – 10 years from the date
you graduate from UPT. UPT hires may have the opportunity to work as a full-time technician in the squadron. This entails a four day work week (Monday through Thursday) on top of attending all drills and required training events.

How to Apply:

The 191 ARS (Utah Air National Guard) in Salt Lake City will be holding a KC-135 UPT hiring board in April.

All application packets are due March 9th.

For Questions and to Submit your application packet (all documents together in one PDF file), please email:


 Application Checklist:

  • Application Cover Sheet [see attachment]

  • Cover Letter & Resume

  • PCSM Score

  • AFOQT Test results

  • Copy of College Transcripts

  • Letters of Recommendation (max of 3)

  • Copies of Pilot Certificates, Ratings, and FAA Medical [if applicable]

  • Legible Photocopy of the last page of your logbook (Digital  logbook copy okay) [if applicable]

    Legible Photocopy of Driver’s License [Front and back]

Hiring POC:

Capt Scyler Gale

Hiring POC Email:


Hiring POC Phone: