303rd Fighter Squadron

Air Force Reserve
303rd Fighter Squadron
442nd Fighter Wing
Whiteman AFB, MO
Job Type:
Application Deadline:
July 10, 2021
Job Description:

A-10 Pilot – Traditional Reservist – Part-time position 

Please visit the following links for detailed information about AF Reserve Hiring and requirements:

Pilot Opportunities Guidebook:  https://afreserve.com/downloads/AFRC_Pilot_Opportunities_Guidebook.pdf

UFT Guidebook:  https://afreserve.com/downloads/AFRC_UFT_Guidebook.pdf

How to Apply:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Fighter Pilot in the 303d Fighter Squadron.  Our next UPT interview board will be held at Whiteman AFB, MO on 10 Sept 2021.  Invitations to interview will be emailed to a select number of applicants on or about 10 August 2021.  Complete applications must be received by 10 July 2021. 303d FS requirements for application are:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume with civilian and/or military history and experience
  • College transcripts
  • Private Pilot’s License (required)
  • Current 3rd class (or higher) medical certificate
    • No known medical issues that would preclude passing an AF Flying Class 1 Flight Physical.
  • Copy of last page of flight log book
  • Letters of Recommendation (3 max)
  • Last three EPRs or OPRs (prior or current military members only)
  • AFOQT & PCSM scores
  • Current Photograph

Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Please email your application to 303FSHiring@gmail.com.  In the email body include your PCSM score, AFOQT scores, Flight hours, Phone number, Email Address, Address, Age and GPA.