63rd Air Refueling Squadron

Air Force Reserve
63rd Air Refueling Squadron
927th Air Refueling Wing
MacDill AFB, FL
Job Type:
Application Deadline:
August 1, 2020
Job Description:

Bon Dia,

The Pirates of the 63rd Air Refueling Squadron from Tampa Bay are semi-excited to announce that we are opening up the 2020 Prior Rated hiring window.

Okay, I know that some are thinking “why would I leave AD now to go to the Reserves?”  Let’s go down the list of reasons.

  1.  You’re on AD.
  2. We are not AD.
    1A. We have Tom Brady
    1C. We are planning on instituting Taco Tuesdays
    That pretty much encapsulates the argument, but let’s continue because it’s weird times and I’ve got nothing else going today.
  3. It’s Tampa Bay.
  4. No State Income Tax.
  5. The beaches are open.
  6. The Salt Shack.
  7. You are in SEC football country without having to live in Mississippi.
  8. Disney should be opening up in a few months.
  9. Three above average domicile/commuter cities in Tampa, Miami, Orlando for when the airlines start hiring again in 2032.
  10. No yearlong remote with a follow on to Altus (you know that’s where you’re going).


How to Apply:

Here’s our timeline.

Now to Aug UTA: Accepting resumes
Aug UTA: Selecting candidates to visit
Sept – Oct UTA: Hosting candidates
November: Hiring Board
December: Profit

If you are interested, please send a resume to: