709 Airlift Squadron

Air Force Reserve
709 Airlift Squadron
512 Airlift Wing
Dover AFB, DE
Job Type:
Application Deadline:
February 11, 2022
Job Description:

The 709th AS is hiring UPT Candidates to join our squadron flying the C-5M. Applications are due February 11. See the attached brochure for more information on how to apply.


How to Apply:

Application Requirements (please combine into a single PDF):

1. Cover Letter (who you are, why you want to be a AFR pilot, and why the 709th AS/C-5M)

2. Resume (please limit to 1 page)

3. Proof of Education (2 scenarios): 1. Bachelor’s degree/within 9-months of Graduation (attach unofficial transcripts, we’ll ask for official transcripts later) or 2. Air Force ROTC scholarship program and approved for Pilot Training under the ROTC direct to AF Reserve sponsored pilot program.

4. Copy of Private Pilot Certificate (not required for ROTC direct to AF Reserve applicants)

5. Copy of Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) and Test of Basic Aviation Skills (TBAS) scores (scheduled by your local AF Reserve Officer Recruiter…we can’t schedule for you).

6. 3 Letters of Recommendation (Highly encouraged to have at least one written by a former military member and one from someone attesting to your flying ability)

Hiring POC Email: