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Job Description:
The Pilot functions as the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) of the company’s aircraft, on both Domestic and International missions, to safely, efficiently and effectively support the execution of the company’s strategic business imperatives.

Responsibilities & Tasks:

Is responsible for supervising crew and commanding assigned aircraft. When acting as PIC, the Pilot has the final authority and responsibility to ensure the safe conduct of the flight.
Ensures that the assigned aircraft is operated in compliance with all applicable OEM procedures and limitations, company policies, all local, state, federal and international aviation regulations as well as adopted IS-BAO protocols;
Analyzes weather conditions and airspace information with the SIC, making decisions regarding potential risks, risk mitigation, potential delays, rerouting and/or flight cancellations.
Works with Manager of Scheduling to ensure airports not previously used by Aviation is reviewed prior to scheduling a trip. Ensures that all airports used meet or exceed the minimum selection criteria specified for aircraft type operated by Aviation. Ensures that all airports (primary and alternate) and routes are operationally suitable and meet company requirements.
Coordinates with Scheduling for alternate airport logistical arrangements (ground transportation, accommodations, etc.) for executive passengers if the flight schedule is altered.
Ensures that self is physiologically and mentally prepared and capable of performing assigned duties on the flight schedule to the highest degree of safety and ‘fitness for duty’ standards, as defined in the Aviation Operations Manual (AOM).
Maintains high levels professional standards in travel and industry settings. Acts as an ambassador for the department and company.
Delivers the highest level of customer service to the company’s executive travelers and guests while never compromising safety or operating standards.
Ensures that all applicable requirements of the IS-BAO standard are met for the flight.
Ensures that the assigned aircraft is airworthy and all required aircraft documents are current and on board the aircraft prior to departure.
Ensures that the appropriate formalized flight risk assessment is completed, any required risk mitigations are applied, and that all flight crew members have been adequately briefed.
Ensures that each passenger is in possession of all required diplomatic documents (for international flights) prior to each departure.
Ensures that the intermediate stop rest schedule is formulated and briefed at least 24 hours prior to departure with appropriate consideration of each crew member’s circadian rhythm and period of circadian low.
Checks weather and applicable NOTAMs and determines fuel, oil, and oxygen requirements for the assigned flight.
Determines that aircraft weight and balance are within limits for both take-off and landing.
Ensures that all flight planning requirements have been fulfilled and the plans can be executed to meet or exceed company safety standards. Ensures that all assigned crewmembers have valid certifications, including medical certificates, passports, and visas to perform the assigned trip(s).
Provides pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight briefs to all crewmembers to ensure that all flight critical information is communicated, discussed, and assimilated.
Ensures that an aircraft preflight inspection is completed prior to each departure and that the proper preflight and aircraft release forms have been completed.
Ensures that Fixed Base Operations (FBO) and ground service providers scheduled for use during a flight (and for the entire trip) have adequate resources to perform required Aviation services.
Ensures that the required Safety Briefing is provided to all passengers.
When applicable, ensures compliance with local customs, immigration and cabotage laws.
Records all required administrative data for the flight to include flight release, flight time, duty time and aircraft defects or malfunctions.
Acts as the primary point of contact for any Scheduling and Maintenance issues.
Champions the continued development and deployment of the company Aviation Safety Management System (SMS).
Actively participates in the company Aviation IS-BAO and Safety Management System (SMS) initiatives.
Ensures that all working conditions are safe.
Constantly seeks opportunities to improve processes to enhance the effectiveness of Aviation’s support of the company.
Participates in the identification and documentation of Flight Operations processes.

Job Requirements:
License or Certification:

FAA ATP Multi-Engine License
FAA First Class Medical Certificate
Minimum Qualifications:

High school diploma or equivalent. Bachelor’s degree preferred.
Demonstrated extensive professional pilot experience
Holds one multi-engine jet type specific rating
Total flight time: 4,000 hours
Jet PIC time: 500 hours
Multi-engine: 2,000 hours
Instrument flight rules: 400 hours

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