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About the job
Why Jett Aircraft?

Access to the most eye catching and well maintained Lear 40/45 fleet in the industry
Highest pay in the industry
Home based crew, with an average of only 5 overnights per month
$5,000 relocation assistance to move to home base
Company provided designer uniforms and Lucchese boots

Experience Requirements Captain

1500 hours total time
2500 hours preferred
500 hours turbine
500 hours multi
Current US passport
FAA medical first class
Already have Learjet 45 type rating a BIG PLUS

Salary Structure

All pilots are paid a yearly salary. Pilots are hired under a one year probationary period. The company pays all hotel fees, rental car fees, and meals for pilots. All pilots are eligible for up to 10% raise on base salary after one year of service and annually thereafter.

Base Salary



Daily Bonus for trips that consist of 5 or more legs, 7 or more HOBBS hours, or Med-EVAC flights

Captain daily bonus=$600

Discretionary Benefits

Company provided KCM

Company credit card for expenses

Training costs, lodging, rental car, and meals covered

Paid Holidays after one year of employment

Paid Vacation after one year of employment

5 day per year of Sick leave


Captain, PIC

Reports To: Chief Pilot

Basic Function: The pilot-in-command is designated as captain for a flight or series of flights and is in command of the aircraft for the designated period of duty unless relieved by the company. Some of the duties of the captain may be delegated to the first officer, however such delegation does not relieve the captain of the responsibilities of those duties.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Ensure that all flights are conducted with safety as the primary consideration.
File flight plans
Complete weight and balance Check notams and weather
Ensure that the operation of the aircraft is within the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, Operations Specifications, and established company policies and safety management procedures.
Shall be thoroughly familiarized with existing and forecast weather prior to each flight.
Assess any risk associated with his/her assigned operations.
Ensure that each flight is planned properly and the aircraft is fueled accordingly.
Determine that the aircraft is airworthy in accordance with the procedures outlined in this manual and that a proper preflight inspection has been accomplished.
Ensure that the aircraft weight and balance is computed correctly and within AFM acceptable limits.
Issue instructions to the first officer in the course of preparation for or during actual flight for the safe and efficient operation of the aircraft.
Responsible for the safe and smooth handling of passengers and loading and unloading of baggage and cargo at any destination airport.
Provide for proper handling of the aircraft where ground handling and/or service personnel are not available
Pilots must be able to complete daily tasks associated with the operation of an aircraft. This includes but is not limited to; lifting, pushing or pulling at least 80 pounds.

Hiring POC: Ashley Oxner
Hiring POC Phone: +1 844-538-8247

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Hiring POC

Ashley Oxner
+1 844-538-8247
Careers@JettAircraft.com info@jettaircraft.com

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