As a current or former military pilot, are you:

  • Interested in a lucrative airline career but don’t know where to start?
  • Uncertain if it’s better to join the airline now or wait until an active duty retirement?
  • Concerned about the initial pay cut and uncertainty with leaving the full-time military?

A military to airlines transition may be a great option if you desire:

  • Some of the highest paying flying careers in the world.
  • Nearly two weeks off a month — without ever taking work home.
  • Flexibility to live wherever you want despite working somewhere else.
  • Ability for you and your family to travel the world — for (almost) free — for life.
  • Opportunity to serve part-time in a Guard or Reserve squadron.

BogiDope Can Help!

We tailored the Military to Airlines content specifically for current or former military pilots from all branches interested in making this transition.  Lack of information can make separating from the relative comfort of the military life for the uncertainty of a civilian career stressful and intimidating.  We know because we went through it ourselves!

The BogiDope team is dedicated to filling that information gap.  We offer a variety of features to help you achieve your goals!  Learn about the entire process with our library of articles and eCourses.  Make informed career decisions by first knowing what opportunities exist with our Squadron Map and Job Board.  In addition to the locations of 175 Guard/Reserve flying squadrons, we’ve included the locations of every major airline hub to help you better decide which airline is right for you.  Finally, significantly increase your odds of landing that dream job by speaking with one of our coaches in a 1-on-1 consultation before any application or interview.

Your sacrifices in the military are well understood.  Let BogiDope help you transition to the next phase of your aviation career under your terms!  As always, thank you for your service.  It is an honor to serve with you.

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