500 Advanced Words: GRE Vocabulary Flashcards

Although this isn’t an AFOQT specific study guide, the AFOQT includes some sections on verbal reasoning, reading, and vocabulary, and it’s a good strategy to use GRE-level test prep to get ready for those sections.

This deck of flashcards is a resource for the person who needs extra focus on the verbal side of things.

Combine this with 500 Essential Words Flashcards and the 5 lb Book of GRE Practice Problems to maximize your results.

Manhattan Prep’s 500 Advanced Words: GRE Vocabulary Flashcards go above and beyond other GRE flashcards on the market. Designed to help students develop a lasting understanding of words in a GRE-relevant context, the backs of all cards contain easy-to-understand definitions plus additional tools to facilitate learning, like usage notes, related words, etymology, and more.

500 Advanced Words is the second in a 2-volume set of GRE flashcards—start with fundamentals in 500 Essential Words and graduate to advanced vocabulary. Together, the sets comprise the most comprehensive vocabulary study tool on the market.


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