ACADEMY COMBO PACKAGE (App & Interview Prep)



Nearly FIVE hours of personal mentorship and prep with an expert to get you through an application gauntlet that the Academy intentionally keeps murky? YES PLEASE!

The Combo Package combines our two most popular services (Application Review + Interview Prep) and adds in a separate 45 minute General Strategy Session into one reduced price (save over $175!) to ensure you are as prepared as possible!  Let one of our experienced BogiDope Coaches guide you through the entire process from the first draft of your application to a mock Nomination and/or ALO interview.

How much work are you willing to put in for a top-tier education valued at $400,000, and a chance to serve in the world’s greatest Air Force? This application/interview process is a major hurdle standing between you and a life-altering accomplishment.  The opportunity is too big to just wing it.  When you enroll in the Combo Package, you leave nothing on the field; we won’t let you. No matter what happens, you’ll know you did everything in your power to reach your dreams, and we will do everything in our power to help you get there.

Let one of our BogiDope Coaches assist in making that dream a reality!


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