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Accessible Aviation is offering an exclusive BogiDope discount of 8% off the total price for all pre-paid flight training agreements.  That’s over $4300 in savings for the Zero to Hero package!  Just tell them you’re part of the BogiDope community.

Let’s face it, if you’re applying for a UPT slot, you need to have at least a Private Pilot Certificate to be competitive at most squadrons.  If you’re leaving the active duty and plan to eventually join the airlines, you’ll need your Airline Transport Pilot certificate.  There are many flight schools across the country that can accomplish these, but there is a very high chance it will cost more and take longer (even if you’re out of state) if you go somewhere other than Accessible Aviation.

Accessible Aviation is owned by retired fighter pilot, Carl Nuzzo, and several of his instructors are current UPT instructors at Columbus AFB (just across town).  Because of their military ties, Accessible Aviation understands what you’re trying to accomplish and is committed to helping you achieve those goals in the most efficient way possible.

They even have options for housing out-of-towners that show up for an accelerated course to get their training accomplished (and boost their resume!) as quickly as possible.  That’s a great way to taken advantage of a break from school/work.

To learn more, check out the article written by a Bogidope client and Accessible Aviation student:

Not your cookie-cutter flight school. We analyze each students’ Aviation Goals, previous training, and availability and develop a Professional Training Course JUST FOR YOU! Couldn’t get it done at home? We specialize in custom flight packages to get you finished efficiently. Whether you just want to “Fly for Fun” or become a Professional Pilot, at Accessible Aviation we provide the same high level of training. Full-time instructors and WE TEACH GROUNDSCHOOL!


Start your flying career off right with our 40-hour Private Pilot License Course. You will learn to fly, navigate, some instrument training. With your license, you can fly friends and family day and night in good weather. Cross learning to fly off your bucket list. Accelerated PPL course 4-6 weeks.


We offer full 40-hour Instrument Training programs in our C-172 and PA-34 aircraft. Choose from 40 HR complete course, “Finish up Courses” 30-hour Instrument Flight Training and Practical Test Prep, 20-hour Instrument Flight Training and Practical Test Prep.


Complete your time building phase in one of our C-172 aircraft. Then choose either Initial Commercial Single Engine or Multi-Engine License. Initial Commercial requires 20 hours of training in either the SEL or MEL aircraft. Then do the Commercial Add-on. Add On only programs available!


Start from the beginning and end with Commercial Multi-Engine Land and Commercial Single Engine Land with Instrument Rating Airplane. Accelerated Commercial Pilot License six month course (some finish in less time).


Military friendly ATP program. Over 2000 Military ATPs since 1999. We can help you coordinate your ATP-CTP with several affiliated providers. then come to us for a 3-4 day course including ATP checkride.


Commercial MEL add on course. Up to 8 hours of training as required for Commercial MEL add on.


We teach Initial CFI and CFI Add on Single Engine and Multi-Engine Land. Instrument Instructor and CFI Renewal Course available.


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