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Scoring well on the AFOQT is critical to maximizing your competitiveness for a UPT slot.  The AFOQT Pilot and Pilot Candidate Selection Method (PCSM) scores are the two numbers that hiring boards tend to use most to screen the initial pool of applicants.  Your AFOQT Pilot score directly affects your PCSM score as well, so if you do well on the AFOQT, both your scores will reflect that.  The opposite is also true.

Repetition and developing the mental clock for how quickly you need to move through a section is a great way to practice.  That’s what AFOQT Academy strives to do and how it differentiates itself from traditional AFOQT study guides.  It has been highly recommended by several BogiDope clients that scored very well on the AFOQT.

They offer:

  • The most realistic AFOQT test-taking experience possible
  • Access to 1200+ peer-reviewed practice test questions
  • Web-based quiz module and PDF formats to ensure you’re conditioned for test day time constraints and familiar with the paper-based standardized test you’ll see on the day of your test

Find free AFOQT study guides (same company) at

Welcome to AFOQT Academy, your resource for web-based AFOQT Practice Test time constraint training. As you may know the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) is a standardized exam comprised of 310 questions divided (un)evenly across 11 timed subtests (not including the Self-Description Inventory Subtest). In addition to having a firm grasp of the material (i.e., types of questions) you will encounter on test day, conditioning yourself for the time constraints of each subtest is the greatest advantage you can give yourself.

It is these two objectives, repeated exposure to realistic AFOQT practice test questions & subtest time constraint training, that have shaped and facilitated the creation of AFOQT Guide and AFOQT Academy. These two resources give you, the future Air Force Officer, access to 1200+ peer-reviewed AFOQT Practice Test questions, 11 AFOQT Study Guides, a Free AFOQT Practice Test and a learning management system that forces you to complete each subtest within the allotted time.


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