AFOQT Study Guide (2020-2021)


  • Offers very similar content as all the other AFOQT study guides
  • Been around for a long time and one of the most popular options


  • Several typos discovered which makes you question its credibility
  • Fewer AFOQT sample test problems than other options

Score big with Moon Point Test Prep, a powerful new education and test preparation series created by licensed educators, experienced tutors, and industry pros. You’ll gain exclusive access to advice and insider tips provided by our specialized team. We focus on the information you’ll need to boost your confidence and your score on exam day.

Moon Point test preparation resources are designed by actual exam experts who know how to guide, support, and motivate students, regardless of your initial skill level. We delve beyond subject-matter knowledge into proven test taking skills, offering the structure and flow you need to navigate at your pace

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Easy to follow AFOQT study guide
  • Representative range of over 300 intermediate and advanced practice questions
  • Comprehensive review of essential topics you’ll need to know
    • Instrument comprehension
    • Verbal analogies
    • Table reading
    • Aviation information
    • Block counting
    • Self-description inventory
    • Situational judgment
    • Arithmetic reasoning
    • Mathematics knowledge
    • Geometry
    • Word knowledge
    • Reading comprehension
    • Physical science
    • Powerful test taking strategies and tips from experienced educators who know how to coach students.

    Moon Point Test Prep is a trusted and established publisher solely focused on quality education and test preparation materials.


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