Combat Systems Officer eCourse



  • 40 Lessons with real, up-to-date information on the different positions, the lifestyle and more
  • Detailed information about eligibility requirements
  • Insight into the various training pipelines




Many of the most dynamic and flexible airframes in the U.S. inventory are far more than just a pilot and a machine. They require entire crews to maximize their capabilities and to complete their missions. Here at BogiDope, we have often focused on those at the controls of these mighty machines. But now, we want to give you insight into – and help you pursue a career in – these exciting and fulfilling opportunities as a Combat Systems Operator (CSO).

From dropping munitions out of the belly of a bomber, to guiding a team of bearded door-kickers onto a target building, to implementing ordnance from the back seat of a Strike Eagle, these positions run the gamut of airframes, responsibilities and missions. The Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) community is chock-full of Backseater opportunities that will allow a person to see the world and be on the leading-edge of American military might.

The BogiDope Combat Systems Officer eCourse Covers:

  1. What are the different Backseater positions?
  2. What are their mission-sets?
  3. What is the training pipeline?
  4. What is the lifestyle like?
  5. How to get started.

And much, much more…

In purchasing this Course, you’re beginning your journey to enter one of the most exciting and dynamic fields in all of military aviation. Furthermore, you will gain immediate and lifetime access to the course and are eligible to sign up for our Coaching/Consultation services (sold separately) to help you nail your application, crush your interview, and get that job.


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