Air Force Pilot Forums is an active and well-moderated forum centered around current and future Air Force pilots.  It is a subset of which has been around for nearly 20 years.

Because of their longevity, these forums are stocked with tons of great discussions and answers to the most common (or not-so-common) questions.  Chances are that if you have a question, it’s already been discussed here.

Our vision was to create an online military aviation community. We have set up elaborate, aircraft-specific gouge sections that include comprehensive study guides, notes, and more. Through this collaborative environment, aviators can share their information online, with the rest of the aviation world. The Baseops Discussion Forums have gone through a complete makeover with a new database backend driving the latest portal and message board software. Our members include more than 5,000 military aviation professionals and enthusiasts. We are also posting aviation job listings. ANG/AFRES are posting their job hiring announcements online – all in one concise website. Additionally, we post a variety of other flying and non-flying employment opportunities online as well.

As military aviators, we want to inspire the next generation of pilots and crewmembers. Our Military Pilot section details the journey through Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT). Whether you are interested in learning about ROTC, OTS, or the Air National Guard and Reserves, our military pilot section, aviation medicine archive, and discussion forums offers our users comprehensive information from subject matter experts.

We have created a public shared source for all of your gouge. Find out which are the best crew-friendly hotels and restaurants worldwide. Now you can read other aircrews’ comments on CONUS and overseas locations, as well as send in your own TDY Gouge. This information used to only be passed verbally from one experienced crewmember to the “new guy”. Now, the wealth of knowledge is shared online, and can be updated real time.

Check out our Military Finance section where we share military and travel pay tips, advice, and lessons learned from our users. Many service members are not getting paid all their entitlements simply because they didn’t know. We have organized the most detailed list of military pay links and resources on the internet. Everyone can learn something new from our MilPay and Travel Pay Section

We are always dedicated to ensuring our site is reliable and loads quickly. The advertisements we have placed on the website are to cover operating costs and to compensate us for our time. Rest assured that we will always do our best to keep the site efficient for easy access and quick load times. All of our flight planning resources, military aviation information, and interactive features are free to use.


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