Cockpit2Cockpit: Military to Airlines Transition Course

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  • 140 Minutes of Video Instruction
  • 40 Lessons Covering the Latest Airlines Transition Gouge
  • 3rd Edition Cockpit2Cockpit eBook
  • Cockpit2Cockpit Support Bundle
  • Immediate and Lifetime Access to the Course Material




Ready to apply your hard-earned military aviation skills to a multi-million dollar airline career but unsure where to start? With the help of Cockpit2Cockpit: Military to Airlines Transition Course, learn how to navigate the process through proven tips and tricks from those that have successfully made the transition to this lucrative career. 

The original Cockpit2Cockpit book has been providing mil to airlines gouge for hundreds of pilots just like you over the last five years.  Cockpit2Cockpit has partnered with BogiDope to create a comprehensive eCourse that expands on the original book and now includes dozens of videos, attachments, application tutorials, and links creating a robust and easy-to-digest roadmap.

There are upwards of 15,000 active airline applications currently in the system, and as you will soon learn, SENIORITY IS EVERYTHING!  The competition is too tight and the stakes are too high for you (and your family) to just wing it.  Every day wasted is a day someone else is getting hired and picking their airline schedule, aircraft type, vacation days, and base location before you…forever.  This course consolidates everything you need to know in one place in order to jump to the front of the line. Get started now! 

This Course Covers:

  1. Military Exit Strategy
  2. Networking
  3. Choosing the Right Airline
  4. Earning an ATP
  5. Logbook Prep
  6. Airline Application Tutorials
  7. Resumes, Cover Letters, and Letters of Recommendation
  8. Recommended Application Review Services
  9. Recommended Interview Prep Services
  10. HR and Line-Oriented Interviews
  11. Knowledge, Cognitive Skills, and Psych Tests
  12. Airline-Specific Gotchas
  13. What to Avoid on Interview Day
  14. Post CJO and Multiple Job Offers
  15. Much More!

Course Attachments / Downloads:

  1. 3rd Edition Cockpit2Cockpit eBook and Support Package (items 2-10 below)
  2. Airline Comparison Tool
  3. Airline Application Tracking Spreadsheet
  4. 0.3 Flight Hours-Sortie Conversion Calculator
  5. Sample Résumé and Cover Letter
  6. 5 Sample Letters of Recommendation
  7. Letters of Rec Tracking Spreadsheet
  8. List of References Tracking Product
  9. Sample Post-Interview Thank You Letter
  10. Personal Transition Timeline with suggested due dates for each end of section checklist item based on your airline availability date

By purchasing this eCourse, you will gain immediate and lifetime access to the course.

1 review for Cockpit2Cockpit: Military to Airlines Transition Course

  1. Rich C.

    I absolutely found the curriculum on point and very helpful to set me up for success. It was key for me to create my profile on AirlineApps and Pilot Credentials. Additionally, I learned from your course to join a pilot organization and the Professional Asian Pilots Association (PAPA) has been outstanding…the BEST $45 I’ve ever spent for a membership!

    I received awesome news recently as I was selected for the Southwest Airlines Destination 225 Program! I am looking forward to starting the military transition in order to be a future Southwest Pilot for the world’s most LUV’d airline. There were definitely ups and downs throughout this transition, however dreams do come true with resiliency. Thank you for creating the Cockpit2Cockpit: Military to Airline Transition Course! Keep on Aiming High!

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