• Two 1-on-1 Application Reviews via Zoom with a BogiDope Coach ($298 value)
  • Immediate & Lifetime Access to USAFA eCourse ($279 value)
  • 30+ eCourse Lessons with templates, guides, workbooks, & linked resources

Academy slots are extremely competitive, and your application directly affects your chances of getting selected.  You need to stand out from the pack – but in a good way.  Too often, applicants stand out for all the wrong reasons; incomplete paperwork, spelling/grammar errors, poor writing sample, and unorganized Activities Record.  The one thing that all of these ill-fated applicants have in common is the belief that their applications were perfect when they were submitted.

This application is a major hurdle standing between you and a life-altering education, multi-million-dollar career, family stability, and chance to serve your country.  The opportunity is too big to wing it.  Let one of our BogiDope Coaches be your professional second set of eyes and application mentor.

Send us your entire application package, and we’ll review everything line-by-line before our first 1-on-1 consultation.  We’ll then help you edit, organize, and articulate your background to make your strengths and experience jump off the page.  Additionally, we’ll give you our honest feedback on how competitive you currently are and highlight any areas for improvement.

You’ve worked hard to fill your application with impressive credentials.  Our job is to help make sure the Academy notices!

Typical items covered in the two sessions (unless otherwise requested)

    • Coaching Session 1: Entire Application Review ($149 value)
      • CFA Assessment (Form 158)
      • Extracurricular Activities Record (Form 147)
      • General Forms/Content Audit
      • Review of Data Record & Drug Abuse Statement (Forms 146, 2030)
      • Standardized Test Scores & Class Rank Assessment
    • Coaching Session 2: Personal Writing Sample Form 0-878 ($149 value)
      • Review for proper content
      • Edits for style, grammar, clarity
      • General advice
    • Time Permitting (either session)
      • Selection Composite Score general assessment
      • General Q&A as time permits (DODMERB, leadership, etc)

How the 1-on-1 Application Reviews Work:

  1. How to Get Accepted into the USAFA eCourse (self-study)
  2. Schedule the Coach/Date/Time of Your Choosing
  3. Send Any/All Pieces of Your App You Want to Review 24hrs Before Call
  4. Review/Edit Your Initial Draft Line-by-Line During a 60′ 1-on-1 Zoom Call
  5. Make Any Required Edits
  6. Repeat Steps 2-5 For Your Next App Review

The BogiDope USAFA eCourse Covers:

  1. Academy scoring system breakdown
  2. Gameplan formulation (how to maximize points)
  3. SAT/ACT (how to improve your score & which sections count most)
  4. Class Rank and how to improve your grades
  5. Interview & Personal Essay Lessons
  6. Workout prep for the CFA
  7. Medical Review (DODMERB) fears/concerns
  8. What types of sports the Academy prefers you play
  9. Do you need to be Team Captain?
  10. What organizations you should join (and not join)
  11. Who can Nominate you (and who can’t!) with links/resources
  12. What leadership roles do & don’t win points
  13. The scoop on if a Pilot License helps or not
  14. Should you attend Summer Seminar?
  15. How to answer difficult personal background questions
  16. Are grades or leadership more important?
  17. Much, much, more


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