How to Get Accepted into the US Air Force Academy eCourse



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This course will be the backbone of your Air Force Academy journey. There’s a secret that many who have attempted the Academy Application have learned too late: The Academy INTENTIONALLY makes the application confusing and convoluted, with endless deadlines and tasks. It’s part of the test. 

We have a different take. We think that if you’ve kicked butt in school, sports, leadership, standardized tests, and community service, that you’ve already proven yourself to be worthy of the opportunity for this life-altering education. We want you to become one of our nation’s military leaders because the country needs you. We don’t want an intentionally confusing process to inadvertently weed you out, so we designed our course to prevent that. Everything in the eCourse is presented in one, smooth flowing location so you don’t have to endlessly hunt around the internet for credible information.

If you’re serious about attending the Air Force Academy, then you need to get serious about enrolling. Nothing else like this eCourse exists, and we’re proud of that. We worked hard to build this to ensure you know exactly what is needed, where you stack up, and ultimately how to get accepted.

Our course is vetted. It’s accurate. And it has everything you need to highlight your accomplishments in the way the Academy likes. We can’t guarantee admission. But we have absolutely no doubt that our course will give you the best shot you could possibly get. We stand by that. We want you to win. Let us help you.

This Course Covers:

  1. Academy scoring system breakdown
  2. Gameplan formulation (how to maximize points)
  3. SAT/ACT (how to improve your score & which sections count most)
  4. Class Rank and how to improve your grades
  5. Interview & Personal Essay Lessons
  6. Workout prep for the CFA
  7. Medical Review (DODMERB) fears/concerns
  8. What types of sports the Academy prefers you play
  9. Do you need to be Team Captain?
  10. What organizations you should join (and not join)
  11. Who can Nominate you (and who can’t!) with links/resources
  12. What leadership roles do & don’t win points
  13. The scoop on if a Pilot License helps or not
  14. Should you attend Summer Seminar?
  15. How to answer difficult personal background questions
  16. Are grades or leadership more important?
  17. Much, much, more

By purchasing this eCourse, you will gain immediate and lifetime access to the course materials and are eligible to sign up for our 1-on-1 coaching services (sold separately).


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