Dr. Louis “Cubed” Perino 

Aeromedical Consultant
Air Force Flight Surgeon
31+ Yrs Military Medical Experience
AF Flying Class 1 & 2 Medical Specialist

Dr. Louis ‘Cubed’ Perino has been a USAF Flight Surgeon since 2003 and is board certified in Emergency Medicine.  He has accomplished all types of USAF initial flying and special operations examinations, as well as authored hundreds of requests for waivers of medical standards.  He has 31+ years of military experience with numerous deployments and more than 1,563 hours as a military flight surgeon, including 897 combat hours, in ten different aircraft.  

Dr. Perino is an aviation enthusiast and an instrument-rated private pilot with more than 4,700 hours as a civilian pilot.  Having been on both sides of the medical examination process, he understands the examinee’s perspective and he enjoys helping others understand and navigate the sometimes confusing challenges associated with military medical standards. 

Contact Louis at cubed@bogidope.com