Jason “Emet” Depew

Air Force Academy Grad
USAF B-1, U-28, & E-11 Pilot
Major Airline Pilot

Jason graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2004, and completed UPT at Laughlin AFB, TX. He flew the B-1 for a couple of years before transitioning to the U-28 where he deployed 7 times supporting special operations forces on 3 different continents. Looking for a change of pace, Jason went back to Laughlin as a T-6 instructor. He was a flight commander for three pilot training classes and a squadron chief pilot. He’s flown numerous check rides, progress checks, and elimination checks. He also did a final stint at Kandahar flying the E-11 before leaving active duty in 2015 to join Delta Air Lines.

Contact Jason at jason.d.depew@gmail.com.