Riley Carew

VP Sales and Marketing
Customer Success Guru
C-130 UPT Selectee
Commercial Pilot

Riley graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2020. Soon after graduating, he began pursuing his civilian flight ratings. After obtaining his Private Pilot’s License in January of 2021, Riley stumbled across a BogiDope article about the ANG and from then on, he set his sights on being selected for an ANG UPT position. Starting his journey with little to no influence or connections, learning a lot of things the hard way and after several interviews among C-130 and fighter units, Riley was selected for a UPT position with an ANG C-130-J unit in February of 2022.

With his 5 years of customer support and customer experience background at companies like YETI Coolers, Riley brings a dynamic perspective to BogiDope along with a lot of enthusiasm to help others harness and achieve their military or civilian career goals. While working at Bogidope and awaiting the start of his military flying career, Riley continues to pursue his civilian flight ratings.

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