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Welcome to BogiDope, a community of aspiring and veteran military aviators. No matter your starting point or destination, we’re here to offer the resources and guidance you need to launch and further your aviation career.

Through career building resources, expert coaching, and a community dedicated to military aviation, BogiDope is here to guide the next generation of military pilots.

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Who we serve

Aspiring Aviators

Whether you’re targeting active duty or reserve service—no matter your preferred military branch or experience level—we’re here to show you the way.

Veteran Aviators

Nearing the end of your active duty commitment? We’ll help you transition to the airlines, Guard, or Reserve.

Military & Civilian employers

Discover military aviators with flight experience, security clearance, and any other characteristics you’re looking for.

Career Building Resources

Transform Yourself Into the Ideal Candidate & Find Your Dream Job
Unlimited eCourse Access


From crafting the ideal application to preparing for your interview, access 12 dedicated eCourses on demand.

Article Library

Access 100+ industry articles written by veteran pilots for aspiring aviators.

Job Announcements

Receive a weekly email roundup of aviation hiring info. Be among the first to know of new job openings.

New Webinar Library

Video Library

From brief Q&As to 90-minute lessons, BogiDope coaches cover every aspect of military aviation.

Job Board

View the most current and comprehensive list of hiring deadlines, requirements, and more.

Squadron Map

View the locations and contact info of 175+ flying squadrons. Filter by aircraft, state, and more.

The Tools to Help You Succeed

Pilot slots are extremely competitive. Your application directly affects your chances to get an interview, and your interview directly affects your chances of getting the job offer.

Through your BogiDope membership, we’ll guide you through the entire process—from the first draft of your resume to a mock interview at your dream squadron. We’ve already helped hundreds of other applicants achieve their dreams. It’s your turn.

Expert Coaching

Gain the Guidance of Veteran Pilots, Military Test Prep Tutors & Beyond

Group Coaching

Join a private group dedicated to a particular field of military aviation. Expert instructors host live webinars and office hours throughout the year. Engage with other group members via chat.


1-On-1 Coaching

Choose from a suite of 1-on-1 coaching sessions, including a General Strategy Session, Application Prep, Interview Prep, Test Prep Tutoring, and Medical Consultations.

A Community Dedicated to Military Aviation

Where Aspiring & Veteran Pilots Can Engage, Share & Grow
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New Webinar Library

Live Webinars

Learn live, alongside your peers, from real-world pilots. Grow with a group of like-minded aspiring aviators.

Private Chat

Exchange ideas, questions, and accomplishments with members of a dedicated group that suits your aims.


Where aviators communicate, ask questions, present ideas, offer insight, and share. It’s like Reddit for pilots!

Office Hours

Ask your own unique questions and gain the direct guidance of your dedicated instructor.


Access a library of Q&A videos in which real-world pilots answer the real-world questions of your peers.


About BogiDope

  • Founded in 2017
  • Owned and Operated by Military Pilots
  • Over 200 yrs of Combined Military Experience
  • Coaches From Fighters, Tankers, Cargo, RPAs, Spec Ops, and Helicopters
  • 1,500+ 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions Completed
  • 500+ Guard/Reserve Pilot Jobs Advertised on Job Board
  • 1.3M Job Board Pageviews Annually
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