Application Review

Application Review


– Resume Creation Guide
Cover Letter Creation Guide
Resume & Cover Letter Templates
– Two 1-on-1 Consultations
– 45+ Pages of Actionable Advice, Examples, and Templates


Pilot slots are extremely competitive and your application directly affects your chances to get an interview. Without an interview you’ll never be hired, so you need to stand out from the pack – but in a good way.  Too often, applicants stand out for all the wrong reasons; incomplete paperwork, spelling/grammar errors, incoherent cover letters, and unorganized resumes.  The one thing that all of these ill-fated applicants have in common is the belief that their applications were perfect when they were submitted.

This application is a major hurdle standing between you and a life-altering multi-million-dollar career change, family stability, and/or that dream aircraft or location.  The opportunity is too big to just wing it.  Let one of our BogiDope Consultants be your professional second set of eyes and application mentor.

Send us your entire application package, and we’ll review everything line-by-line before our first 1-on-1 consultation.  Then we’ll help you edit, organize and articulate your background to make your strengths and experience jump off the page.  Additionally, we’ll give you our honest feedback on how competitive you currently are and highlight any areas for improvement.

You’ve worked hard to fill your application with impressive credentials.  Our job is to help make sure the hiring board notices so you can start filling your calendar with interview invitations!

The BogiDope Application Prep Package consists of the following:


1. BogiDope Resume Creation Guide
2. BogiDope Cover Letter Creation Guide
3. Resume & Cover Letter Templates (tailored for both UPT and rated applicants)
4. 1-on-1 First Draft Application Review – 60 mins
5. 1-on-1 Second Draft Application Review – 45 mins