Cockpit2Cockpit: Military to Airline Transition

So you’ve spent the last decade or two honing your skills as a steely-eyed killer in the air, dropping cargo into some God-forsaken land, or maybe teaching young students how to fly. At some point, you realize that either it’s not as fun as it used to be OR that it will eventually end. All the other steely-eyed killers that you know are going to the airlines…must be the right thing to do. But you literally know nothing about that world. And even though you know you’re God’s gift to aviation, you have no idea how to get hired by an airline, much less which airline to go after.

This course will get you there. Developed by those that came before you and felt the same way, it will take you from start to finish on your military to airline transition. We will outline all the steps along the way, provide useful tools and products, and recommend important services that will be essential to your success. 

Don’t worry, military aviators have been getting hired by airlines for literally thousands of years! Airlines love military pilots! We just need a little help with the logistics of it all. And that’s what this course will do for you. Now let’s get started!

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  • 48 Lessons