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    Posted by Beav on July 9, 2024 at 10:18 am

    Re-Enlistment Codes and Eligibility for service waivers:

    Some examples that I saw somewhat often that could stop or pause your application:
    -Drug or DUI convictions. Possession of an illegal substance, DUI (alcohol or other issue) or other items that are in a police record.

    -Financial issues, Collections or Bankruptcy since age 18.

    Air Force Recruiting Service owns most of these waivers. That’s typically the recruiters’ commander. They show up in the background checks that recruiters have to run as a matter of USAF (ANG and USAFR included) policy.

    One of the elements for prior service and new applicants that I saw often were RE codes. This symbology was the things that could hold someone back from “re-enlisting” Yes, even though many of you seek a commission, they still use this “RE” code. These are things that you should be aware of that could cause a snag in your application process.

    For financial issues, the recommending commander (the one that interviews you or the one that you get a recommendation from) is the authority to waive these issues depending on the severity of the problem.

    My recommendation is, if you can avoid these issues, please do!

    If you have something in your past, there are waivers available. It is a subjective approval process, and is commander dependent.

    As a commander, I would take time to interview the applicant, and my litmus test was their truthfulness, and comparing this to the other witnesses statements/interview content.

    So in summary:

    1. If you have a financial or substance issue in your past, be up front with your recruiter.

    2. Be prepared to answer the questions that a waiver authority (usually a commander) may ask of you.

    3. If you forget about an issue, always come clean with your recruiter. They usually find these in background checks, and it could give your application a black eye if you brush it off or make light of the problem.

    If you have any questions about these, please reach out by DM and we can chat.


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