Alternate Tow Pilot

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Job Summary:

ALS is looking for an Alternate Tow Pilot to work in Colorado Springs, CO. To join our outstanding team of professionals, apply today!

Job Responsibilities:

Performs glider/sailplane towing operations at the U.S. Air Force Academy (KAFF) Airfield. These operations include area tows, pattern tows, wave tows, and high altitude (12,500’) tows on USAF owned and operated gliders.
Conducts pre-flights, minor preventive maintenance, positioning of aircraft in hangars, assisting in fueling operations when requested and assisting other pilots in rope set up when requested.
On occasion ALS Tow pilots are deployed to neighboring states to support USAF training and competitions.

Minimum Qualfications:

Education: High School Diploma/Equivalent.
Experience: 3 – 5 Years.
Have experience with and understand Air Force Flight operations; understand Air Force Instructions (AFI’s).
You must be able to meet all health requirements, including but not limited to, current and future vaccination requirements for infectious diseases such as COVID-19.
Must have 500 hours as pilot-in-command with 50 total hours as pilot-in-command of light, tail wheel aircraft, including 10 hours as pilot-in-command, during the past year, of tow aircraft. Tow endorsements (preferably current) noted in logbook per FAA Part 61.
Current FAA Class II medical, Commercial pilot: airplane, single engine land.
Must have a Valid Driver’s License.
Must be able to have favorable results from a background screening and drug screening.


M – F with varying shifts from sunrise to sunset. Some Sats and Suns. Must fly at least twice a month and provide at least 15 working days of availability each month excluding PTO.

To apply go HERE

Hiring POC Phone: +1 571-323-5200

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