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Due to short daylight hours and extreme winter temperatures, the flying and fieldwork seasons are limited to March until November.

This is a permanent full-time Seasonal – Career/Conditional appointment. The incumbent will work (pay-status) a minimum of 34 weeks or more per year depending on funding and workload. Subject to placement in non-pay status when services are not needed due to lack of work funds, or other unforeseen circumstances. Incumbent will work maximum of 50 weeks per year.

As a Airplane Pilot your duties will include but are not limited to the following:

Serve as pilot-in-command of single engine, wheel, float, fixed-wing aircraft.
Conduct flights from designated Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airfields, and non-designated landing strips (gravel bars, beaches, ridge tops, lakes and rivers, etc.) of restricted size in isolated areas.
Follow and keep management apprised of all FAA, Office of Aircraft Services (OAS), Department of the Interior (DOI), and Service rules and regulations regarding operation of aircraft (public and private) associated with the Service’s missions within their duty station and Region.
Conduct other flying related duties which include: aircraft record keeping; coordination with other Service pilots, the Regional Aviation Manager, Regional Aviation Training Manager and OAS; initiation of cyclical and non-scheduled maintenance; refueling and fuel handling; lubrication and cleaning of aircraft; preflight and postflight activities; weather briefings and flight planning; loading and unloading of aircraft; and de-icing and extensive preparations for winter flights.
Conduct search and rescue operations.
Inspect aircraft used to support Service programs to assure they are equipped with required (per Office of Aircraft Services policy, FAA regulation, and State law) cargo nets, and survival and first aid gear.
Maintain records, including pilot training records, check ride expiration dates, flight hours, aircraft maintenance needs, aircraft inspection dates, and other information.
Assist in performing biological surveys including but not limited to waterfowl, raptor, vegetative mapping, radio telemetry, data tabulation, classification of habitats, and other related field and office work. Most surveys will be aerial, but incumbent will occasionally participate in ground surveys which will involve walking or working out of canoes and small boats.

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Hiring POC: Heather Bartlett
Hiring POC Phone: +1 907-456-0322
Hiring POC Email: heather_bartlett@fws.gov

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