Advanced Instructor Pilot-Upset Recovery Training

  • TT: 1,500+ HRS
  • Mesa, AZ
  • TT: 1,500+ HRS
  • Mesa, AZ

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If you are reading this, you may be the type of pilot we are looking for.  If you have what it takes, we offer unique flying opportunities instructing in a high-performance piston and jet aircraft, and advanced simulators in all-attitude, all-envelope maneuvering flight. Sound fun?  It will be, and it will also be challenging. At APS, you know you are making a difference every day and literally saving lives.
Your skills are needed as an Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) Instructor Pilot flying the Extra 300L world-class unlimited category aerobatic airplane with options to advance to the S211 SIAI-Marchetti high-altitude, all-attitude sweptwing jet trainer. You will be delivering the world’s most advanced UPRT curriculum both on the ground and in the air to owner/operator, corporate, business, executive, government, military, and commercial pilots. All APS instructors are also qualified to teach APS UPRT programs in advanced simulators after approximately one year of seasoning as in-airplane Extra 300L UPRT instructors.

Job Information Salary and benefits are competitive. Minimal travel and a fixed schedule support a stable quality of life that’s often rare for highly accomplished professional pilots.

Put your full range of flying skills to use.
Daily duties:

Deliver world-class UPRT ground and flight instruction in the high-performance, aerobatic capable airplanes.
Flight profiles primarily include upset recovery and stall/spin training, with associated all-attitude aerobatic instruction.
Flight operations are based in Mesa, Arizona (KIWA) with options available to transfer to Arlington, TX (KGKY). Applications via LinkedIn Only.
If this position is not a fit for you, but you know someone else who is qualified and would enjoy this unique flying opportunity, please pass this information along. They will thank you for it!

Job Requirements:
1500 hours of total flight time
Substantial all-attitude, all-envelope flight experience (500+ flight hours preferred). Examples: military flight instructor, tactical or fighter experience, aerobatics (competition/airshow), test pilot school graduate with spin testing experience.
FAA Commercial Single-Engine Land (SEL) Pilot’s License
FAA Certified Flight Instructor Rating (CFI)

Experience Advantages in the Selection Process:

Two years commercial and/or military experience flying crewed multi-engine turboprop and/or turbofan/turbojet is preferred.
Two years of experience as a CFI and/or military flight instructor (200+ hours preferred) Important
Note: Although valuable, this does NOT need to be instructional experience teaching all-attitude maneuvering or aerobatics.2000+ hour total flight time One or more type-ratings

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