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Job Title: Flight Instructor (Airline Career Track)

Job Code: OneCrew22-IMS8825-01

Job Location: Manhattan, KS location only


FAA Aircraft Single Engine Land and Commercial Certificate holder, capable of US employment without an employer visa sponsorship.

FAA Class 1 Medical.

Must be eligible to obtain a FAA Certified Flight Instructor and CFII Certificate.

CFI/I Certificates optional. Training to be provided by Flex Air funded on a reimbursable Income Share Agreement (ISA).


Job Description:

Time-build to your Part 121 or Part 135 minimum hiring requirements as a Flight Instructor at Flex Air or one of our affiliated One Crew flight schools.

Selected candidates who lack CFI/I ratings will receive Conditional Job Offers (CJO) for hire after successful completion of Flex Air CFI Academy course in Manhattan, KS.

Maintain a training quality (pass rate) at or above 95%.

Must be able to work a full-time schedule, 5 days per week with schedule flexibility


Career Path to Airline and Corporate aviation:

Flight Instructor employment period 12-18 months followed by flow into a Part 121 or Part 135 operator according to the employee’s preferences and abilities.

Flight Instructors trained at Flex Air CFI Academy will receive 2 years of career coaching, interview, resume prep, and job placement services from the Flex Air One Crew mentorship team.

Flex Air’s One Crew job placement rate is 100% with overall pilot career outcomes 340% better than industry average.

Hiring POC: Paul Wynns
Hiring POC Phone: +1 785-727-4888

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Hiring POC

Paul Wynns
+1 785-727-4888
info@goflexair.com paul@goflexair.com

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