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About the job
Position: Citation Jet Pilot

Location: Bakersfield, CA – not commutable

Salary: 75k – 90K


As the first point of contact with our customer, Pilots will provide superior customer service in a manner that exudes integrity and professionalism. Pilots shall possess excellent flying skill and knowledge and will always conduct themselves and their assigned aircraft in a safe, legal, and efficient manner.


Flight Minimums:

1,200 hours of total flight time including 500 hours of cross-country flight time.
100 hours of night flight time.
75 hours of actual or simulated instrument time – at least 50 hours of those being in actual flight.


Minimum Qualifications:

Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multiengine and Instrument ratings.
Current First-Class Medical.
Must meet the applicable flight experience requirements in 14 CFR Part 135.
Excellent teamwork and cross-functional skills.
Exceptional intra-personal and customer service skills.
Ability to make decisions and solve problems analytically and logically.
Ability to multi-task in a fast-past environment.


Daily Tasks:

Plans assigned flight(s) and obtains briefings and current information regarding the purpose of the flight, weather, range, weight and balance, passenger and baggage weights, cruise control data, airport facilities, and navigational aids per FAR 135.229.
Prepares, files, activates, and closes flight plans.
Ensures required equipment and necessary flight publications are on board the aircraft and reviews all applicable navigation and approach charts.
Assists in keeping all navigation charts current and updated.
Checks the Aircraft Status Sheet and Aircraft Maintenance Flight Record, performs cockpit and external preflight, and checks that required airworthiness inspections are current and that the aircraft is equipped for the flight assignment.
Supervises and assists in the loading and distribution of cargo and passengers and determines that weight and balance is within prescribed limitations.
Ensures cargo is properly secured and provisions for passenger comfort and emergency equipment is onboard.
Operates aircraft at favorable altitudes taking into account turbulence, oxygen requirements, and comfort of passengers during flight.
Reports mechanical irregularities to the appropriate management personnel.
Completes all required paperwork before, during and after each flight. This includes, but is not limited to, load manifests, W&B sheets, trend monitoring, trip sheets, duty logs, etc.
Ensures that aircraft are stocked with passenger convenience items, such as snacks, drinks, newspapers, etc., prior to each flight.
Ensures that aircraft are neat after each flight. This includes emptying trash and ice trays, straightening seat belts and checking the lavatory facilities.


This is NOT an exhaustive list of duties, and all employees are encouraged to help their co-workers when needed and to be an active member of our team of employees; working toward a common goal of providing the aviation community with superior service and support.

Hiring POC: Anthony Wooding Jr.
Hiring POC Phone: +1 704-236-3647

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Hiring POC

Anthony Wooding Jr.
+1 704-236-3647

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