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Job Description:
Reports to Chief Pilot
Supervises flight crew personnel
Conducts or Supervises all training of flight crew personnel
Conducts required Checkrides per FAR 135.293, 135.297 and 135.299.
Advises Director of Operations regarding flight crew personnel training and checking.
Assists the Director of Operations and Chief Pilot in formulating operations policies, coordinates those policies, and coordinates operations and training. 
Assists with promoting good safety culture and coordinating our Safety Management Program.
Ensures that all aircraft are properly equipped for applicable operations.
Observes crew procedures at assigned aircraft locations, including ramp checks of aircraft and crewmembers to ensure compliance with company policies and FARs, and perform safety audits when requested.
Disseminates information to all crewmembers pertaining to routes, airports, NOTAMS, NAVAIDS, company policies, and regulations. 
Maintains proficiency as Pilot-in-Command
Prepares and maintains proficiency records, pilot files, flight schedules, duty time records, reports, and correspondence pertaining to flight operation activities. 
Ensures all flight crew personnel are certified and supervised according to the requirements specified in the Federal Aviation Regulations.
Interacts directly with pilots regarding daily operational procedures, provide flight crewmembers with required information, and act as the collection point for inputs from pilots and other personnel regarding the operation of the Company as it relates to the pilot group. 
Ensures the professionalism of pilots and overall pilot standards including; performance, appearance, and conduct of pilots consistent with Company policies and professional standards.
Exercises operational control over Martinaire flight operations as delegated by the Chief Pilot and/or Director of Operations. 
Assists in conducting interviews and hiring of flight crew personnel. 
Performs other duties as assigned by the Chief Pilot and/or Director of Operations.
Martinaire Aviation is an FAR 135 On-demand Air Cargo operator, primarily servicing UPS. We operate 25 Cessna 208 Caravans across mid and eastern USA. We need an Assistant Chief Pilot to assist in our daily flight operations and this position will be Addison, TX based with some travelling required. You will become qualified as a Company Instructor and Check Airman and will conduct Flight Training and Checking in accordance with our FAA approved 135 Flight Training Program. You will also be qualified as a Line Pilot and fly 135 Cargo operations as needed. 


Competitive Salary
Medical, Dental, Vision, Life
5% 401 Match

Job Requirements:
FAA Commercial Pilot License
Class 2 medical
Prior FAR 135 experience (preferably 1-2 years) 
Management experience or business/management related Associates degree or higher. 
Able to work/reside within USA
Must be willing to relocate to Addison, TX area (Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex)
Commit to at least 2-3 years of service

Meet FAR 135.243 (c) Flight time requirements

1200hrs Total Time
500 Cross Country
100 Night
75 Instrument time (50 must be in an actual aircraft)

Meet FAR 135.337 and 135.339 qualifications for Check Airman

Shall be familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within the Federal Regulations and airline industry.
Ability to read and interpret documents such as technical data, safety rules, Federal regulations, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.
Ability to write management reports and correspondence.
Ability to develop and proof operational materials.
Ability to speak effectively in interpersonal situations and before groups of employees.
Strong planning and organizational skills and attention to detail.
Proficient with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Google Docs.
Stay up to date on current industry events, regulatory developments, and relevant information to the aviation field.

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