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Job Description:
The National Park Service is recruiting a skilled bush pilot to join our team as the Aviation Trainer for Alaska. The selected individual will have the opportunity to travel across Alaska training and mentoring pilots on flying in mountainous terrain and landing on unimproved airstrips and water. In addition, the incumbent will conduct aviation missions in Alaska park units including conducting wildlife surveys, search and rescue missions, and providing employee transportation by air to/from remote locations.

The start date is negotiable. The work schedule can be either year-round (permanent full-time) or winter months off (career-seasonal). Both work schedules receive full benefits.

Job Requirements:
Current FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) or military equivalent rating. Must submit copy, front and back.
Current FAA Commercial Pilot-Airplane or Airline Transport Pilot-Airplane with Single Engine Land and Instrument Rating –or– military equivalent. Must submit copy, front and back.
Current FAA Medical Certificate First or Second Class –or– military equivalent. Must submit copy.
1,500 hours total flight time, of which at least 1,200 hours will have been as pilot-in-command (PIC).
100 hours in the last twelve months.
75 hours of night flying time.
Recent flight experience in accordance with 14 CFR 61.57
You must provide flight records documenting all flight hours and requirements described above.
Salary Range: 120564-156729
Relocation: Relocation expenses may be reimbursed

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