Tour/Charter Pilot

  • TT: 501-1,500 HRS
  • multiple
  • TT: 501-1,500 HRS
  • multiple

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Westwind Air Service pilots have more flying opportunities than most, allowing them to take full control of their careers. Along with regular tour flights over the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell, Westwind pilots have opportunities to fly charter flights to California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and Mexico, as well as fly cargo for UPS out of Sky Harbor airport. Westwind Air Service operates six Cessna 208B Caravans, two T207A Stationairs, and one T206H Stationair. All Westwind flights are VFR single pilot. Along with our flexible schedule and daily pay rate, our fast upgrade time to the Caravan allows pilots to log PIC turbine time generally within their first year of employment.


1. High School diploma, GED, or equivalent
2. FAA single-engine commercial pilot certificate 135.243(b)(1)
3. Instrument rating 135.243(b)(3)
4. 500 total flight hours 135.243(b)(2)
5. 100 cross-country hours (point-to-point) 135.243(b)(2)
6. 25 night hours 135.243(b)(2)

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