Jumping Ship – A USAF Pilot Joins the Navy Reserve

BogiDope was founded by Air Force pilots and much of our work is Air Force-centric. We’re here to help pilots from all branches though, and this article is for anyone who’s ever considered becoming a pilot in the Navy Reserve. This article is based on an interview with former-USAF Major and now Navy Commander-select Albert […]

BogiDope, T-6 inflight.

UPT Phases: Phase II – Flying the T-6

Phase I is a great education, but you'll be ready for it to end. You'll be looking forward to Phase II and flying the Beechcraft T-6A Texan II. (Nobody calls it the "Texan," the "Texan II," or the "JPATS."" Just call it the T-6). Be ready though because Phase II starts with a little shock […]