Confessions of a Reserve T-38C IP

I have a treat for you today! I just interviewed a reserve T-38C UPT IP, whom we’ll call Star-Lord for the sake of anonymity. The results of our conversation will explain how to get that job as a reservist along with the good and bad of that path. If you’re looking to leave Active Duty […]

MASS – The UPT Scoring System Explained

We almost don’t go a day without a future UPT student asking us how to get the assignment he or she wants. BogiDope exists to help you make that happen! The easiest way to do this is to sign up with a Guard or Reserve unit in the first place. However, for those of you […]

Jumping Ship – A USAF Pilot Joins the Navy Reserve

BogiDope was founded by Air Force pilots and much of our work is Air Force-centric. We’re here to help pilots from all branches though, and this article is for anyone who’s ever considered becoming a pilot in the Navy Reserve. This article is based on an interview with former-USAF Major and now Navy Commander-select Albert […]

BogiDope, T-6 inflight.

UPT Phases: Phase II – Flying the T-6

Phase I is a great education, but you'll be ready for it to end. You'll be looking forward to Phase II and flying the Beechcraft T-6A Texan II. (Nobody calls it the "Texan," the "Texan II," or the "JPATS."" Just call it the T-6). Be ready though because Phase II starts with a little shock […]