Dr. Jeffrey “GAS” Althoff

Aeromedical Consultant
Air Force Flight Surgeon
FAA Senior Aviation Medical Examiner (AME)
300+ FAA & FC1 Physicals Given

Dr. Jeffrey “GAS” Althoff has been a USAF Flight Surgeon since 2013 and is board certified in Emergency Medicine as well as Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine. He also serves as an FAA Senior Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) and has conducted more than 300 FAA medical evaluations.

An aviation enthusiast, Dr. Althoff has logged more than 600 hours in the backseat of various military aircraft and holds a private pilot certificate.  Dr. Althoff offers a unique understanding of both the civilian and military medical requirements.  This, coupled with his desire to help people navigate the often intimidating medical clearance process, makes him an excellent resource for anyone looking to join the military or transition to the airlines.

Contact Jeff at flightdoc@bogidope.com