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Army Aviation: Warrant Officer vs. Officer
Active Duty, Reserve or Guard? - Army
Army Aviation: Fixed Wing Webinar
Army Aviation: Medivac Mission
Army UH-60 CAPES Brief Webinar
Army Flight School Interview Phase 2
Army Flight School Interview Phase 1
160th SOAR Brief
UH-60 CAPES Brief
LUH-72 CAPES Brief
Intro to Army Aviation II
Intro to Army Aviation

Test Prep

Exponents & Radicals
Fractions, Conversions & System Equations
Math Story and Percent Problems
AFOQT Math Techniques
AFOQT Tutoring - Pilot Sections
AFOQT Test Taking Techniques
How to Ace the AFOQT
AFOQT Math Section Techniques


Resume 2
Interview with Recent UPT Selectees
Test Pilot & Weapons School
USAF vs Army/Navy/USMC Aviation
BogiDope Air Force Coaches Round Table
Air Force Mock Interview I
Air Force Interview Prep II
Air Force Interview Prep
Air Force: Resume 2
Air Force: Resume 1
Cover Letter 1
Cover Letter 2
Mock Interview 1
Interview Prep 2
Interview Prep 1
Resume 1
Spec Ops & RPAs
Tankers (KC-46, KC-135, KC-10)
Airlift (C-130, C-5, C-17)
Multi-Role (F-35, F-16, F-15E)
Air Dominance (F-22, F-15C)
OTS Road to Wings
Medical Flight Standards
The Future of UPT
USAF Culture & Lifestyle
Air Force: Cover Letter 101
What Makes a Great UPT Candidate
Bombers (B-1, B-2, B-52)
USAF Career Progression