How to Get Accepted into the US Air Force Academy

Course Description:

Who is it for: This course is optimized for a Junior in High School but is designed to help a student as early as they realize they want to attend the Air Force Academy (starting earlier is actually more ideal). This is because applying to the Academy is unlike any other college application (i.e., the kind where you can throw something together your senior year). If you wait until then for the Academy application, you are going to be too late.

Why this course: Anyone who has attempted to apply to the Air Force Academy will attest that it’s likely the most difficult and confusing college application invented. This is by design; the Academy believes that if a person can make it through the gauntlet that is the Application, they probably have the organizational and time management skills to survive the rigorous academic, athletic, and military load that the Academy throws at cadets. This course will walk you through applying to the Air Force Academy step by step, in a logical progression that will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed or doing things out of order – to give you the greatest chance of success. Along the way, you will be fully educated on what each step means, why it’s a step at all, and how best to complete it. Most importantly, you will be taught by someone who has intimate knowledge of the whole process.

The Academy education is worth ~$400,000 (taxpayer funded!). While this course isn’t cheap, it is a very small investment with a BIG payoff.

What is NOT cheap about this course?

  • Your leg up on the competition. The Academy averages over 10,000 applicants each year for just over 1,000 slots. That means that 9 out of 10 applicants FAIL to obtain an Academy appointment. That’s often because they failed to understand the application process and either missed deadlines or weren’t sure how to present their accomplishments correctly to the Academy. This course will educate you AND keep you organized.
  • Hundreds of hours of research. The result: you’ll get accurate, useful data, all in ONE PLACE.
  • An author and course creator who has been in your shoes, succeeded, and knows what it takes to earn an appointment.
  • An author who truly loves watching young Americans grow up to become the leaders the nation needs.
  • Vital information on what parts of your resume need to be highlighted to score the most points on the Academy Application.
  • ALLIES. Our course will provide answers for your most difficult questions. We have your back.

Most Importantly: Missed Deadlines & Tasks Kill Applications

BogiDope won’t let that happen to you. We will provide you with a Timeline and To-Do Workbook to make sure you stay on task, on time. Do not underestimate how complicated the Academy has made its application. They really want to see your ability to meet deadlines, keep track of multiple pieces, and stay organized and committed. Our custom-built task and timeline materials will probably be the most important tools you use from this course. From Sophomore Year to Academy Acceptance, the typical applicant will need to meet close to 30 deadlines, some big, some small. Our process will ensure you don’t miss any.

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Course Includes

  • 43 Lessons