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  • AFSOC leading the drone way (again)

    Posted by Biggs on June 17, 2024 at 8:09 pm

    Drone swarms with small UAS are going to be a game changer on the modern battlefield (and in Ukraine and Syria, already are). AFSOC is leading the way in pushing drone concepts that mix the practical (e.g. what do we have now) with the possible. From the article below, the concept is for the MQ-9 to act as a mothership to small, purpose built UAS that can perform a variety of missions.

    As for the pilots, gone soon will be the days of a single pilot controlling a single aircraft. The other part of this amazing concept is a system that will allow multi-mission control of any number of UAS. A single MQ-9 squadron has the potential to manage the UAS air picture for an entire theater of operations. Pretty fascinating stuff with a ton of potential (if they pull it off correctly of course)!

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