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    Posted by Raven on October 25, 2023 at 6:43 pm

    Hello, out of curiosity. I have F-35B Maintenance experience Along with F-15EX/QA/SA

    Maintenance experience. More so F-15 over the F-35. I understand everything in the F-15 ranging from hydraulics to avionics to seats to engines, Just about everything. Served 5 years in the Marines as well. Always been super keen to fly them preferably F-15. I do have flight experience (started when I was 3). What are the chances if I finished college to getting picked up by a guard unit? Is in depth knowledge something they look for? I’m currently 28 still need to do the college thing.

    Side note Please don’t ask any technical questions of the EX, I do like my job and it pays the bills.

    Snip replied 1 month ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • Snip

    October 26, 2023 at 2:04 pm


    Assuming you’re going to need about 3-4’ish years to finish college, you’re gonna be getting close to the age limit to fly. The current maximum age without an Exception To Policy (ETP) is 33. Specifically, you must have a letter of intent to hire from an ANG/AFRES unit before reaching your 33rd birthday. Generally speaking, fighter units tend to be more age-aware than heavy units. In this current hiring environment, with so many exceptional candidates in their low to mid-20’s, you would have to find a unit that would be willing to set aside the age concerns and be willing to hire you. I commend you on your prior service to both the USMC and the AF and that will serve as a plus for you but that, in and of itself, will not be the golden-ticket to getting you hired. Units look for the total person/package; someone who shows the potential for leadership and has spent their entire young-adult life rising to the top of whatever organizations they are affiliated with – at work, in the community and in school. Also, most strong candidates bring some aviation experience to the table in the form of some General Aviation flight time and certifications. I’ve seen candidates hired with as little as 30 hours and as many as 4000 hrs so there’s no specific number to throw out there. The current PCSM score takes GA flying into consideration and the max-out value for that piece of the equation is 60 hrs, just as a reference…

    Hope this helps! If you want to speak with a BogiDope coach, 1-on-1, about the specifics of your situation and your background, sign up for a General Strategy Session. It’ll be well worth your time and expense!



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