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Job Description:
Operating as a regional airline in the United States, Air Wisconsin Airlines performs flying services for American Airlines as American Eagle throughout the Midwest and East Coast, operating CRJ-200 regional jets. Our exceptional team is dedicated to making our travelers experiences safe and pleasant.

First Officer starting pay of $93.00/hour. We offer a longevity match with no cap for pilots with 121 experience.

Besides competitive pay, Air Wisconsin pilots have industry-leading benefits including:

Immediate Captain upgrades
Company-sponsored and paid for ATP-CTP course; longevity and seniority start day one
Up to 6 commuter hotels per bid period
Uniform, headset and medical exam allowances
World-wide travel and jump seat privileges
Minimum of 12 days off/month
Minimum 75 hour pay guarantee
$1.85/hour per diem
Competitive duty and trip rigs
We have a fleet of 64 CRJ-200s and will be exploring opportunities for larger aircraft
Exceptional quality of life including paid commuter hotels, minimum of 12 days off each month, industry-leading health-insurance, 401K match up to 8, and health programs for employees

Job Requirements:
Legal authorization to work in the United States
Must be able to read, write, fluently speak and understand the English Language
Must have an ATP or be qualified to obtain an ATP or Restricted ATP (CFR 61.159 and 61.160) Review Minimum Qualification
Current FAA First Class Medical Certificate
FCC Radio License
Valid civilian passport and the authorization to travel to and from all cities and countries served by Air Wisconsin
Valid United States driver’s license
Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled


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