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Part-Time opportunities are available for ATP qualified pilots! Part-Time Captains are able to select their crew base (with few exceptions) and work a minimum of six days per month. After 18-months of service, earn a $10,000 bonus!


The Captain reports directly to the Chief Pilot and is to maintain a professional and business like environment in the cockpit which is conducive to the safe and efficient conduct of the flight at all times.


Conducts operations in a safe and professional manner
Maintains vigilance during all phases of flight and avoids unnecessary distractions; does not engage in activities that would deter the safe operation of the aircraft
Puts forth the proper attitude and is always ready to assist other company personnel in getting the job done- this may include, but is not limited to, loading and unloading the aircraft and refueling the aircraft (after proper training)
Ensures that the flight crew is adequately rested and in proper dress, if applicable
Inspects or supervises preflight inspections of the aircraft for mechanical and structural soundness; at this time the overall cleanliness of the aircraft and windows will be maintained, and the windows cleaned if necessary
Ensures that required airworthiness inspections are current and the aircraft is equipped for the flight assignment (charts, fuel, oil, emergency equipment, briefing cards, etc.)
Supervises the SIC (if applicable to flight) in order to ensure proper planning and flight preparation
Plans flight assignments and obtains a briefing of information relative to the flight such as weather, NOTAMs or other special procedures and instructions
Prepares or supervises the preparation, filing and closing of flight plans considering such factors as altitude, terrain, weather, range, weight, fuel requirements, airport facilities and navigational aids
Supervises loading and distribution of cargo, baggage and passengers and determines that weight and balance is within prescribed limitations
Ensures cargo is properly secured
Operates aircraft at safe and favorable altitudes, taking into account turbulence, oxygen requirements, medical needs and the comfort of passengers during flight
Ensures preparation of flight logs, reporting of mechanical irregularities, and recording of maintenance by maintenance personnel when maintenance is performed enroute
Must be highly knowledgeable of the company manuals, FAA Regulations, Operations Specifications, flight manuals, etc. and other instructions pertinent to the duties required
Ensures compliance with FAR 135.265
Additional duties as assigned


In addition to meeting the following basic requirements, all pilot applicants must meet the hour requirements as outlined in table below:

135 Operation (Cessna 402, Tecnam P2012, BN2)

FAA commercial multi-engine licenses with instrument rating
ATP multi-engine land preferred
First Class Medical
1,500 hours Total Time
500 hours Cross-Country Time
100 hours Night Time
75 hours Instrument Time
50 hours Multi-Engine Time



Bachelors degree from an AABI accredited school
1 year of full-time flight instruction



Full-time Captains must be willing and able to relocate or commute to any destination Cape Air severs across our four regions, including the Northeast, Midwest, Montana, and the Caribbean.
Full-time pilots typically work schedules of four days on and three or four days off. Pilots are responsible for housing in their crew base.
Pilots bid for their crew base in order of seniority twice per year.



The pilot in command (PIC) of an aircraft is the pilot aboard the aircraft who has the final authority and responsibility for the operation and safety of the flight. This position, when assigned to a flight, exercises command authority and responsibility of the aircraft, cargo, crewmembers (if applicable) and passengers (if applicable).
The second in command (SIC) of an aircraft is the pilot aboard the aircraft who has been deemed the second person in charge, after the PIC. Please note that not all flights are required to have a SIC.
For the job title Captain, the Captain may act as PIC when flying with a First Officer (who is automatically deemed SIC by job title). The Captain may also act as PIC when flying with a second Captain who has been deemed SIC.

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