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The primary role of the Corporate Pilot at Lowe’s is to provide safe and efficient air transportation in support of Lowe’s Companies, Inc. and its subsidiaries. Operational guidelines are outlined in The Lowe’s Companies, Inc. Aviation Operations Manual (AOM), and this candidate must comply with mandatory FAA rules and regulations. Responsibilities include weather briefings, fuel planning, filing of flight plans, transportation logistics and ensuring the safety of all passengers, crew and cargo. This role is critical to Lowe’s Aviation because adequate staffing allows for efficient utilization of the existing fleet to enhance transportation of key decision makers to conduct critical company business

What you will do

Ensures the safe and efficient conduct of assigned flights.
Participates in the Aviation Department’s Safety Management System.
Maintains a working knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of the Pilot-in-Command (PIC).
Assumes PIC duties, including control of the flight, in the event of PIC incapacitation.
Ensures that the aircraft is airworthy and registered, and all required documentation is onboard the aircraft.
Ensures that flight operations are conducted in accordance with the Lowe’s Aviation Operations Manual, CFRs, regulations of foreign countries and Lowe’s company policies.
Checks weather and all applicable NOTAMs where available, and determines fuel, oil, and oxygen requirements.
Determines the aircraft weight and balance.
Ensures databases are current.
Ensures Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) are updated and adequately charged for the assigned flight.
Ensures that all flight planning requirements have been met.
Ensures that the flight will not be continued beyond the nearest suitable airport when a crewmember’s capacity to perform functions is significantly reduced by impairment of faculties from causes such as fatigue, sickness, or lack of oxygen.
Confirms any nonstandard environmental rules and procedures at the intended departure and destination airports.
Completes an aircraft preflight inspection before each departure.
Provides the Passenger Safety Briefing to the passengers in the absence of the Cabin Safety Attendant.
Utilizes established Crew Resource Management (CRM) skills.
Additional duties may be delegated by the Chief Pilot in order to promote professional development and growth into the Captain’s role.

Required Qualifications:

Bachelor’s Degree
2,000 Hours Total Flight Time (Min) 1,000 Hours Multi-engine, 500 Hours Jet
Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
Appropriate Type Rating DA-EASy
Second Class Medical First Class for International Flights

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